alvin and the chipmunks fan page



hey its your favorite chipmunks ALVIN, SIMON, AND THEODORE!!!! and were back! this website is a great way to watch some of your favorite all time episodes and movies and even some of our songs to get you back to the good old days. and if you would like to message us please email us at and we'll be sure to message you back. so have fun and remember chipmunks rule!!!!!!!!!


This website was dedicated and inspired by a great young girl named kam. Some of the artwork on this page was drawn by her.she is the greatest girl in the world.We know that she will be a famouse photographer/film maker and hey she could even be the first female president.When she puts her mind to something she can create something beautiful.And we are happy to be her friend.luv u kam!!!

Alvin, Simon, theodore-